NEW YORK and SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — TRA Inc. and Experian Automotive announced the launch of “Media TRAnalytics TV Auto Ratings," a patented software solution designed to help advertisers target networks and programs that best reach their desired consumers. It does this by automatically matching automotive registration data with television tuning data at the household level.

“Now, for the first time, the automotive industry is enabled to focus their television advertising dollars, providing far greater return on investment than ever before,” said Mark Lieberman, CEO of TRA Inc. “At the same time, television networks can go to market and sell against the most accurate value propositions available today. By placing advertisements on the right networks within the right programs, we are establishing a new standard for targeting, measurement and accountability in the automotive category.”

Through this partnership, the web-based service creates proprietary ratings for specific automotive brands and categories. Additionally, Media TRAnalytics TV Auto Ratings enables advertisers and networks to identify the right TV programming based on the make and model of automobile purchases by households watching specific networks and programs, according to the company.

“We are excited to work with TRA to launch a product that will provide our automotive clients’ greater insight on their customers on a household level,” said Scott Waldron, president of Experian Automotive. “Having this information helps them in having a better understanding of the market, the vehicles, and the people who buy them.”

The launch of “TV Auto Ratings” is the next step in TRA’s existing partnership with Experian Audience IQSM. In September 2010, TRA announced a feature that enabled clients to measure the impact of TV ads on auto sales. It combined aggregated automotive ownership data from Experian’s Auto Market Statistics product with that from TRA’s own TV set-top-box database.

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