CLIFTON PARK, N.J. — Auto/Mate Dealership Systems announced the introduction of Desk/Mate, an F&I desking system for auto dealers that is available as part of Auto/Mate’s dealership management system (DMS) software.

Desk/Mate allows sales managers to compare multiple retail, lease and balloon payment options, in addition to multiple vehicle choices displayed side-by-side, according to Auto/Mate. “Flexibility is key; customers are very pressed for time and want to check out a lot of options in a hurry,” said Mike Esposito, president and CEO of Auto/Mate. “Desk/Mate allows sales managers to exceed customer expectations by offering an array of purchase and lease options virtually instantly.”

Other Desk/Mate features include integration with credit bureaus and with Auto/Mate’s Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS), according to the company. The integration automatically populates other modules within the company’s DMS with updated deal information.

“Our customers told us to keep it simple,” said Praveen Tamvada, director of marketing at Auto/Mate. “The problem with many of the existing desking solutions is that they are just too complicated.”

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