CARMEL, Ind. — Dynamique Auto Dealer Solutions Inc. (DADS) announced the release of the Sales Edition of its DMS, which includes desking, F&I, and tablet-computing trade inspection application products.

Dealers can manage and view their leads, contacts, tasks, prospects, and deals using DADS intuitive graphical dashboard view, according to the company. The Sales Edition platform also includes tools to manage new and used inventory, complete trade-in assessments, calculate multiple lease and financing scenarios to desk the deal, and an F&I menu.

“DADS Inc. continues to back up thought leadership in the DMS sector with innovative software,” said Gary Gummig, president and chief brand officer of DADS. “With the Sales Edition software release, we have provided dealers with a strategic platform that embraces an open architecture, giving dealers the flexibility to integrate additional software products as they deem necessary. By providing an open DMS platform in the Internet cloud, DADS Inc. maintains the integrity of key dealership data, and allows the dealership unlimited access from wherever they have an internet connection.”

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