LAS VEGAS — ADP Dealer Services and Cisco announced the launch of Cisco Cius and Cisco TelePresence, two video-enabled products geared towards streamlining dealership selling and service processes.

The Cisco Cius is a mobile collaboration device, while Cisco TelePresence is a real-time video conferencing solution. Since 2001, ADP has provided IP phone solutions that integrate with the ADP Dealer Management System (DMS) and CRM Solutions to allow dealers to know who is calling before answering the phone.

"Many of our customers are primed to seamlessly take this next step, as they already have a Cisco network infrastructure in place and have Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco IP phones already in use,” said Dean Bergan, vice president of product development for ADP Dealer Services. “The addition of the Cius mobile collaboration device in key areas will boost productivity."

With ADP’s DriveMotion, the Cisco Cius becomes a video-enabled touch point that can be used to browse inventory and provide detailed information about vehicles on the showroom floor, allowing auto shoppers to continue their online shopping activities while in the store, according to the company. The Cius also can connect consumers to a virtual expert via HD Video.

“With its secure, mobile collaboration capabilities and mobile TelePresence, the Cius allows dealers to put customers in touch with experts in real time to help close sales while maintaining high security and integrity of the data as well as the network," said Roberto De La Mora, senior director of Collaboration Solutions Marketing for Cisco.

Cisco TelePresence enables customers to complete their financing paperwork at the local dealership while working with remote F&I employees, allowing instant, face-to-face collaboration through a high definition video link.

Should a service tech identify a new problem while performing a routine service and the vehicle's owner is offsite, the service tech can use the Cisco Cius to take a picture of the issue and e-mail it to the customer for permission to perform the extra work.

If a service tech is confronted with a complicated problem, he or she can make a video call to a remote service expert to speed the diagnosis and repair. Remote service experts can receive the call, diagnose the problem,and share their desktop to instruct the service tech as to how to proceed via video.

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