LAS VEGAS — Michael Maledon, president and CEO of Chandler, Ariz.-based Inilex Inc., traveled to last weekend’s NADA convention to showcase his company’s SkyLINK device and SkyLINK Protect service, which he described as the “next generation” of vehicle-recovery and –tracking technology.

“SkyLINK uses the latest advancements in GPS satellite and cellular technology,” Maledon told F&I and Showroom. “That allows us to pinpoint vehicles in real time. For a stolen vehicle, that means police can respond immediately.”

Car buyers who purchase SkyLINK as an add-on pay a one-time fee for the device and a lifetime subscription. They then have the option to add SkyLINK Protect to add functionality such as speed governance and geofences.

“We’ve been in the business close to eight years, and we’ve concluded that selling the full-feature device limits penetration levels,” Maledon said.

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