DALLASEFG Companies, a financial service products administrator, announced the establishment of a professional services division that will provide dealers with training, recruiting and marketing services. The division will be led by Chuck McGraw, senior vice president.

“Our expansion is a direct result of the significant resources we invest in equipping our client engagement team to bring both strategic and business perspectives to our clients,” said John Pappanastos, CEO of EFG Companies. “As we have striven to provide the best administration in consumer protection, our training, recruiting and marketing services grew in strength from support functions to primary lines of business that will improve sales cultures for all our clients.”

EFG developed its recruitment and workforce solutions to answer the persistent and growing need for sourcing and development of staff. The company utilizes a proprietary process that combines its top performer behavioral scoring and rigorous personal interviews to place the right person in the right position.

EFG’s staff of experts then uses a custom approach to adapt training to build upon the employee’s experience and perspectives, according to the company. EFG’s trainers spend thousands of hours every year visiting and observing different businesses and developing curriculum.

“After using our top performer hiring model to provide expert hiring and recruiting services, we train recruits by utilizing the ‘Interactive Inductive Process’ or ‘Guided Discovery Model,’” McGraw said. “People learn in three ways: by seeing, hearing and doing. Our training successfully incorporates all three of these ways, leading to a fantastic learning environment.”

EFG’s Marketing Solutions team works with clients to reallocate where their advertising and marketing dollars can be best utilized to generate the highest ROI, according to the company. Their consultative approach to marketing includes strategies to implement differentiating messages in all modes of communication designed to generate leads, enhance a higher degree of word of mouth, facilitate customer loyalty and make clients’ money.

“Most automotive retailers and lending institutions have continued to use the same advertising techniques that worked for them in the 80s,” said Jennifer Threet, chief marketing officer, EFG Companies. “EFG takes advantage of its 35-year history of automotive experience to propel dealerships and lending institutions from their comfort zone into a highly integrated world where online branding and e-marketing reputation management to builds successful consumer relationships.”