DETROIT — Users of Ally Financial’s SmartAuction, an online used-vehicle auction service, can now search for vehicles, communicate with sellers, negotiate pricing and make bids over Android and Apple-based smartphones using the company’s new mobile app.

The SmartAuction mobile app can be used to conduct basic and advanced searches (make, model, trim, year, drivetrain, etc.). Those searches can then be saved and accessed later. Sellers can be contacted and bids can be placed directly through the app.

Users also have the ability to conduct private, one-on-one negotiations directly with the buyer and seller. They can also view and respond to pending offers as a buyer or seller. Sellers can also update the vehicle price and auction status of a posting directly from the mobile app.

“By including dealers as part of the development team, we were able to build an intuitive tool that enhances the SmartAuction online market and makes it easier for dealers to find the right vehicles for their markets,” said Steve Kapusta, vice president of SmartAuction.