ABU DHABI — Subaru Emirates ignited controversy over the weekend when it posted a photo of a car accident along with what its followers deemed to be a “sexist” message to its Facebook page, reports Arabianbusiness.com.

Under the headline “Women drivers at it again,” the dealership shared a photograph of the aftermath of a crash that took the lives of four people, including a nine-month-old baby. The accident is believed to have occurred when a woman attempted to fix her car while it was broken down in a central lane.

Following the backlash, the dealership attempted to defend the post, but ultimately deleted it and posted two apologies.

“The news posted yesterday was intended as a general awareness message,” the dealership wrote. “Sometimes with the best of intentions a final communication may come out wrong. This was one such instance. We just want to bring to everyone’s notice to please be more cautious while driving.”

The post also stated that safety was a top priority for the dealership.

On Monday, Subaru Emirates issued the following statement: “The last 24 hours has been significant. We had posted over 600 messages (posts) which were well received on our Facebook page. But this one particular post yesterday slipped away and has caused embarrassment and outrage. Sadly, we`ve caught the attention of the national media. We completely acknowledge our mistake and will be more responsible with our communication.”

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