DALLAS — Automotive protection product provider SunPath has implemented StoneEagle’s SEcureARCH system to completely manage product rating, contracting, claims administration, reporting, remittance and data integration to the product provider’s network of partners.

SunPath implemented the SEcureARCH system to streamline the process of rating, selling, and complete administration of vehicle service contracts and other types of F&I products. Additionally, SunPath will utilize StoneEagle’s fully integrated VPay process to make real-time claim payments to dealers, repair facilities and inspection companies.

“SunPath is dedicated to providing its customers with superior customer service and the best fully insured service contract in the market,” said Andrew Garcia, president of SunPath. “We selected the SEcureARCH system because it speeds up our claim payment process, and provides our customers with the ability to get back on the road quickly.”

SEcureARCH is built with service oriented architecture to provide administrators with extensive security, reliable data processing and intuitive reporting. It is fully integrated and compatible with all StoneEagle offerings as well as a vast array of third party applications.