CINCINNATI, Ohio —Car leasing has heated back up to pre-recession levels, and recent survey conducted by found that more than 40 percent of respondents are extremely likely to lease their next vehicle.

The online survey presented to more than 800 drivers in June found that 40.7 percent of respondents said they are extremely likely to lease their next vehicle, compared to 29.6 percent of respondents who said they were extremely likely to lease during the same time a year ago.

The survey also found that nearly two thirds of respondents are not leasing their current vehicle.

“It feels like 2006 all over again in terms of the excitement over car leasing,” said Scot Hall, executive vice president of “We are seeing great deals with low, monthly prices, and there are a lot of people using to upgrade into a larger vehicle. This activity typically takes place when the environment for leasing is ripe and the economy is expanding.”

This year, fewer people cite getting a fair deal today as their most frustrating aspect of getting a lease. In 2012, 58.3 percent of respondents listed this as their main frustration, but that number dropped to 51 percent this past June.

Toyota, which 27.4 percent of respondents said had the best lease program, has already announced plans to offer even more aggressive lease deals in the future. At the other end, only 6.4 percent of respondents said Chrysler had the best lease program.