SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Members of’s API (application programming interface) Affiliate Network are paid five dollars for every new car lead they generate through the API.

“With one of the highest commission rates in the automotive category, and bonus programs available to top affiliates, the Edmunds API Affiliate Network offers strong incentives for the most innovative uses of’s API,” said Ismail Elshareef, senior director of Open Platform Initiatives.

To earn money through the Edmunds API Affiliate Network, developers must be based in the United States, become a registered API Developer and have a website that attracts visitors who are interested in buying cars.

While vehicle specifications currently account for 95 percent of’s API traffic, developers also have access to inventory listings, editorial content, vehicle ratings and other material. A write API for dealer ratings and reviews is also available to’s strategic partners.

Sites that have successfully used’s API include AutoNation,, EBay’s New Car Center and Toyota. Automotive startups — such as, and Vinsnap — have also successfully incorporated the API.

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