WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa. — In an effort to strengthen the relationship with its customer base, Autosoft Inc. has opted to change its relationship with its independent distribution representatives.

For more than two decades, AutoSoft has used independent representatives to distribute its DMS product to small and mid-sized dealers in some regions of the United States and Canada.  As the company has evolved, the internal account managers have assumed the sales and relationship management for a growing number of new accounts, prompting the company to create a direct sales and relationship model that will allow interaction directly with all customers — regardless of their geographic location.

“While AutoSoft and our customers have appreciated the long-standing relationships with our independent distributors, we believe that we can best serve all of our customers by moving to a more direct and customer-focused model,” said Bryce Veon, president and CEO at AutoSoft Inc. 

The new customer relationship model will enable AutoSoft to build and maintain one-on-one relationships with all of its customers and deliver an even higher level of customer service. The change in distribution comes on the heels of other recent changes at the company, including a new organizational structure with a new leadership team, as well as several new products and service enhancements.