NEWTON, Mass. — String Automotive, an online marketing and analytics solution for auto dealers, announced today new strategic alliances with Dataium and Polk. The connection will fuel a new version of String’s Dealer Positioning System (DPS), which will harness data from all three sources.

String Automotive has been named an accelerated company by Dataium, a designation that indicates a product has fully integrated Dataium’s intelligence. By marrying Dataium’s demand forecasts of local Internet searches by make and model with actual inventory data, the DPS enables dealers to better respond to local market conditions by either stocking up on popular models or offering promotions to move inventory before demand decreases.

“We, as data companies, are coming together more and more to aggregate massive amounts of data from within the dealership, and now from outside the dealer’s four walls,” said Jason Ezell, president of Dataium. “This aggregation and analysis is changing the way dealers do business in every facet.”

String’s alliance with Polk, the global automotive market intelligence firm, integrates vehicle registration data on new and used cars into the DPS. Data is broken down by make, model and local DMA, offering dealers insights on where they should direct their marketing dollars. The connection also equips them with a better understanding of their overall market share.

“We are thrilled to enable String’s DPS customers with the ability to further understand their local markets by providing vehicle registration information on a particular geographic region,” said John McBride, Polk director of sales and client services. “Now dealers can calculate market share by zip code and customize their advertising efforts accordingly.”

With the latest version of the DPS, dealers now have the data and insight to identify which campaigns are influencing sales with a new traffic drill down view in the DPS. The expanded drill down capability allows dealers to see their best and worst converting campaigns at a glance, and determine whether each campaign had the desired effect in terms of creating brand awareness, driving sales or generating demand for fixed operations. In addition, this release includes a new reputation summary that benchmarks a dealership’s customer reputation scores against national and local competitors.

“We are driven to meet our customer’s needs and deliver solutions to their challenges as quickly as possible,” says Ken Kolodziej, CEO and co-founder of String Automotive. “The new partnerships String has formed along with the additional functionality in the latest version the DPS will allow us to better serve dealers by providing them with more insight into what is working and what isn’t, in real time.”