WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Gubagoo Inc. announced the launch of Vehicle Matching (VM), a patent-pending predictive technology that aims to help dealership websites increase lead volume and sales.

Using its predictive technology to analyze a visitor’s click patterns, Vehicle Matching automatically aligns the right cars/offers/pricing to the visitor’s vehicle choices. In addition, VM helps dealerships move aged inventory by putting relevant aged vehicles first in line for each match.

“In many ways, this is Match.com for dealerships and their inventory — because Vehicle Matching knows the right vehicles to match with what each website visitor wants — 24/7 and in real time,” said Brad Title, CEO of Gubagoo Inc. “It is much easier to build a good relationship when you know what someone really wants — and that is what Vehicle Matching does.  

“We track and analyze every inventory click and decode the URLs so we can build dynamic profiles on each unique visitor and engage via all channels, including chat, publishing and sharing,” Title added. “Vehicle Matching is all about converting website visitors to leads, and leads to sales — all by making dealership websites more intelligent. And as that intelligence grows, so do conversion rates.”

Vehicle Matching aims to improve dealership website, chat, publishing and lead effectiveness. Company officials said the technology is also much more than chat, because it engages visitors pre-chat and also integrates test drives and trade incentive, among other features. So while a visitor may never chat, he or she can still be transformed into a solid lead through real-time VM website messaging.