WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. — CallSource, a provider of call tracking, marketing analysis and sales improvement, is partnering with eXtéresEDU, a division of eXtéres Corp. and a provider of phone skills training. The two companies have joined forces to offer both on-site and online call management and phone skills training for its automotive retail clients. 

eXtéresEDU will provide the initial on-site training sessions, while CallSource will provide a wide array of online training tools that can be customized to meet the needs of individual dealerships. Additional performance-based training can then be assigned to individual sales personnel and accessed via CallSource.com.

“Many of our automotive retail clients expressed an interest in having their entire sales team go through call management training,” said Andrew Price, president of CallSource Automotive. “Partnering with eXtéresEDU gives us nationwide capability to provide on-site training and give our clients a base on which to build their team’s skills. Once a sales team has gone through the initial wave of training, we can continue to work on specific skill sets with individual sales people by offering tailored training through our online modules.”

CallSource has identified five specific areas for handling an incoming phone call, including obtaining the prospect’s name and a proper greeting, conducting a needs analysis, getting contact information, setting an appointment and ensuring the prospect keeps the appointment. The company monitors incoming telephone calls and can identify when individual salespeople are not handling each of these five areas appropriately. When shortcomings are identified, an individually tailored training program can be developed to shore up any weaknesses.