LOMBARD, Ill. — F&I Administration Solutions has released a mobile website designed to provide agents with real-time contract sales, claim payment data and more. 

The mobile website supports iPhones, Android devices, Windows mobile, and any other mobile platform that runs Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari mobile browsers. Contract sales, claim payments and more are available in real time to any agent selling products that are administered through F&I Admin’s SCS Auto express platform.

“We are very pleased to be releasing this mobile website,” said David Trinder, CEO of F&I Admin. “This data was previously only available as an iPhone application and being constrained to one type of operating system became very restrictive. Developing it as a mobile website means that the data is now available to agents no matter what phones or mobile devices they may be using.”

The real-time contract and claim data can be viewed in total across all dealerships or by individual dealership. All data is presented by product and includes quotes, submitted contracts, activated contracts, cancelled contracts and paid claims, according to the company. In addition, an agent can look up dealers, click to call or instantly locate them on a map.

“This latest development is consistent with F&I Admin’s stated strategy of leading the way in systems and functionality within the F&I product industry,” says Kumar Kathinokkula, COO of F&I Admin. “Ensuring that agents have real-time data at their fingertips no matter what device they are using is only the start. We will be adding to the functionality and data in the months ahead, so it will not be long before agents and providers are 100% mobile enabled.”