NEPTUNE, N.J. — EZ Referral Network has launched a national campaign to promote its technology-based referral program. Designed to use mobile technology and social media to increase dealership referrals, the network doubles as an employee referral tool and a customer loyalty driver.  

Created by a dealer for dealers, the EZ Referral Network supports brick-and-mortar sales associates with technology to enhance their ability to build relationships and create referral networks. The mobile-friendly solution also offers users training videos and webinars on how to use and build their networks.

When a sales associate enters a referrer’s lead into the EZ Referral Network database, that lead passes to a BDC representative who sets an appointment for a test drive. EZ Referral Network then sends a prepaid card to the referrer if the lead is successfully converted into a sale.

“This program works well with nonprofit organizations or individuals who want to generate donations for service organizations,” said Paul Sansone, Jr., CEO of EZ Referral Network and owner of Sansone Jr’s 66 Automall. “The referral fee may go to an individual, or it can just as easily go to a food bank, homeless shelter or youth group. Local communities can benefit tremendously as a result of the EZ Referral Network and the dealership takes an active and visible role.”

EZ Referral Network provides each user with a personal website for marketing. Users also get a mobile website that makes it easy to sign up new referrers, according to the company.