DAYTON, Ohio – Reynolds and Reynolds Co. announced last week that it has acquired XtreamService, a software company focused on customer retention. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Xtream is a data mining tool for dealership management systems (DMS) that enables dealers to identify customers who are most likely to purchase a new vehicle. The software helps dealerships turn their database into a daily work plan for their sales and service teams, while also supporting their customer retention strategies. Xtream is both an analytic program used to compile dealership data and a tool for customer follow-up.

“Xtream strengthened customer retention capabilities in Hendrick Automotive Group dealerships,” said Rick Hendrick, chairman of Hendrick Automotive Group and one of the founders of Xtream. “Our stores served as proving grounds for the software with employees providing feedback, which helped to further develop and enhance the product.  Xtream has even more untapped potential, and the expertise of Reynolds and Reynolds can take it to that next level.”

Robert Burnett, who oversees business development as a senior vice president at Reynolds, added: “This is a product that clearly was developed by people who know the car business. It’s already delivering results for a number of large dealership groups and stores.  For Reynolds, it’s part of strengthening our Retail Management System that will help dealerships work more efficiently and reach customers more effectively.  What we see ahead for XtreamService is more growth and a larger presence in the industry.”