LAKEWOOD, N.Y. — Fidelis PPM has signed on to use F&I Express’ econtracting platform, allowing F&I Express users to push customer and contract data into Fidelis PPM’s DRIV customer retention software.

For dealers that have a Fidelis PPM prepaid maintenance (PPM) program in place, F&I Express will provide premiums for all PPM packages based on the vehicle information provided with just a click of a button.

“Fidelis continually strives to provide our dealers with easy solutions that allow them to be more productive and focus on adding value for their customers,” said Ryan Williams, executive vice president of Fidelis PPM. “As with all of our partnerships, our integration with F&I Express is intended to make the dealer’s life easier so that the focus truly remains on building customer relationships and loyalty for their dealership.”

Brian Reed, president and CEO of F&I Express, added: “The addition of Fidelis PPM to the F&I Express platform further increases our value to the dealers who are looking for an easy, fast, and accurate way of econtracting their aftermarket F&I products.”