ST. LOUIS — Equifax Workforce Solutions, a provider of human resource services, data, analytics and verification services, today announced that for the first time ever, the company has processed more than 34 million instant income and employment verifications in one year.

The achievement marks a near 40% increase from last year, highlighting a significant accomplishment for Equifax Workforce Solutions.

"Passing the 34 million mark is a great milestone for job-seekers, loan applicants, consumers needing government assistance, and employers around the country, as well as for Equifax," said Craig Leabig, senior director of product management of Equifax Workforce Solutions.

"It takes time and resources to track down an applicant's employer, contact that employer and wait for the response. We simplify the process for applicants across the country by providing income and employment data instantly through The Work Number service. Additionally, we leverage our extensive relationships with human resource departments at thousands of employers to streamline manual verification delivery when an applicant's information is not available instantly through our database."