PHOENIX — Inilex, a provider of intelligent telemetry solutions for vehicles, last week announced that Chase Auto Finance, a division of JP Morgan Chase, has approved its SkyLINK stolen vehicle recovery solution as an F&I product for which it will provide an additional advance. This means that customers purchasing vehicles can include the cost of SkyLINK into their overall financing package, making the solution more attractive to customers as well as to dealers during the F&I process.

“More and more dealers are beginning to recognize SkyLINK as the premier stolen vehicle recovery solution on the market today,” said Michael Maledon, Inilex’s CEO. “This additional product advance from Chase makes SkyLINK more accessible to more customers.”

SkyLINK uses GPS technology to give car buyers real-time theft recovery that also helps law enforcement identify and arrest thieves.

“Having SkyLINK incorporated into the customer's buying package allows us to offer higher value solutions during the F&I process at minimal impact to the customer,” said Dora Hermann, finance director at Camelback Volkswagen, Subaru and Mazda in Arizona. “It's a mutually beneficial arrangement for us and for customers who will gain an excellent theft-recovery solution."