LOS ANGELES — Westlake Financial Services named Kansas City Independent Auto Auction as its 2013 Auction of the Year. Second and third place went to Adesa Phoenix and Adesa San Antonio, while Adesa Colorado Springs was named the top service auction.

“Kansas City Independent has been a reliable performer throughout the year, topping our rankings for the second, third and fourth quarters,” said Bill Walters, vice president of Westlake Remarketing. “Assistant General Manager Jennifer Leocardi has been an integral part of assuring top notch customer service and efficient operations.”

Westlake’s top auctions are chosen by narrowing the top 24 volume sales across the United States. The auctions are then evaluated based on scorecards that measure their sales effectiveness and service quality. 

“We recognize the loyalty of these top auctions and appreciate their dedication to Westlake and our dealerships,” said Ian Anderson, president of Westlake Financial. “Kansas City Independent Auto Auction has surpassed our expectations and is a consistent partner for Westlake.”

Westlake Financial Services attends roughly 45 sales each month in more than 20 states. Dealers that are part of the Dealer Loyalty Program receive up to $250 towards the purchase of Westlake vehicles at auctions when they refinance the vehicle through Westlake. Dealerships can preview the run list and promos Westlake has to offer prior to attending the auctions through DealerCenter.