DALLAS, Texas — Pearl Technology Holdings LLC, an automotive technology incubator created by auto industry entrepreneur Bruce Thompson, has partnered with HalyconTech LLC to release digital hang tags for auto dealers called eCartag.

Pearl Technologies will be debuting the new product and providing live demonstrations at booth #919S at the 2015 NADA Convention & Exposition in San Francisco, Calif., January 23-25.

The hang tags sync with the dealer’s Internet pricing feeds and update the physical vehicle pricing within 15 seconds of an Internet change. They can be reused an indefinite number of times and auto sync with a vehicle’s VIN by simply plugging them into the vehicle’s OBD; requiring no programming and giving users a plug and play solution. The tags are GPS-enabled and have much more functionality than pricing updates. Additional features include pre-scheduled and real-time floorplan checks, battery monitoring, engine auto-start from a smartphone or central portal, test drive activity and much more.     

“Hang tags are one of the biggest hassles in a dealership. Every time a price is changed on a vehicle a new hang tag has to be created and installed in the vehicle. It’s costly, time consuming and fraught with errors and compliance issues because the Internet price and lot price don’t match,” said Bruce Thompson, CEO and founder of Pearl Technology Holdings, LLC. “www.eCarTag.com represents a new and efficient way to not only solve the manual pricing issue, but also deliver a whole new suite of tools from floorplan checks to battery monitoring, remote starting and many other applications. We partnered with Halcyon Technologies to build and deliver the technology.”

eCarTag will also enable a dealer to monitor battery levels in all vehicles on the lot from a central portal. And by the end of the first quarter, the system will also allow a user to remotely start and turn off the vehicle engine from the central portal or the user’s smartphone, as well as lock and unlock the vehicle.

“It’s great to know a battery needs charging before finding out too late when attempting a test drive with a customer,” commented Thompson.

Floorplan checks can also be done in real-time from portal or smartphone. Every vehicle can be geo-located within a 4-5 feet disparity. Automatic scheduled floorplan checks can be done and reports auto generated to lenders and dealership management. eCarTag is fool proof, officials said, because the tag must be plugged into the vehicle’s OBD to be activated. The system seamlessly communicates with a dealer’s DMS so discrepancies are auto checked against sales status at the dealership.