WESTPORT, Mass. — F & R Auto Sales’ Yelp and Google profiles are being flooded with negative reviews after a video of dealership employees harassing a pizza delivery man went viral this week, Boston.com reports.

The dealership employees gave Jarrid Tansey, an employee at Palace Pizza, $50 after he delivered a $42 order to the dealership. The dealership then called Palace Pizza demanding their $8 in change back.

The video — taken from the dealership’s security camera — shows Tansey returning the money. When he asks why he was given an extra five dollar bill if it was not intended as a tip, a dealership employee tells him “Out the door before I put my foot in your ass,” and another threatens to have him fired from his job.

The dealership’s owner and his son have since gone to Palace Pizza to apologize in person.

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Watch the video below: