ST. LOUIS — Wise F&I is now integrated with The Impact Group’s Fusion Menu presentation software, allowing the F&I product provider's offerings to be sold through a customizable, low-pressure sales presentation.

Fusion allows for product information to be delivered using a consultative approach, aimed at providing a better customer experience. It also is designed to eliminate redundant data entry, reduce errors, improve customer satisfaction and increase business.

“We are excited to have another fully-integrated solution for our clients,” said Matt Croak, president, Wise F&I. “We have continued to stay focused on advancements in technology including offering our full suite of products through our contract administration platform, ONWise and expanded menu system integrations.”

Wise F&I’s products include GAPWise, WiseCARE, THEFTWise, WiseTVP and KEYWise. All of Wise’s products are available for e-contracting through Fusion. Wise F&I is a finance and insurance product provider.

The Impact Group is an automotive software development firm servicing the finance and insurance industry. It specializes making software designed in profitability and customer satisfaction in the F&I department.