PHILADELPHIA — Automotive Mobile Solutions, a mobile marketing company serving automotive retailers, has announced that it is working with Deckspire to promote the use of highly focused geo-targeted, geo-fenced mobile advertising for dealers.

The team at Deckspire, a product development firm led by two Wharton MBA candidates, is aiming to bring real time “big data“ analysis to current dealers and utilize geo-targeted, geo-fenced mobile advertising in their media mix. Deckspire’s team, Nitish Aitharaju and Sedrick Dongmo Nguela, have set out to provide high powered data crunching capabilities to the Tier 3 level for the first time, according to the company.

“It’s a bit ironic that, although highly focused geo-targeted, geo-fenced mobile advertising is perhaps best suited for retail car dealers, dealers have heretofore received the least study and attention from vendors of this emerging marketing technology,” said John F. Possumato, CEO of Automotive Mobile Solutions. “This is understandable, as most of the larger mobile vendors have so far chosen to focus only on the individual ‘big spenders’ in the automotive channel, the Tier 1 manufacturers.”

In working on some mobile advertising strategies with Automotive Mobile Solutions, Aitharaju and Dongmo Nguela realized that the retail sector of the automotive industry has the most to gain from this technology.

“We saw a need. The sector of the car business that has the highest potential benefit from the sales and awareness generated from highly targeted, geo-fenced mobile advertising and promotion is, without a doubt, retail,” Aitharaju said. “Retail is also getting the least benefit from the real time data analysis necessary to fine tune and consistently produce the best results and we have set out to satisfy this need.” 

“More than the technology problem, the business opportunity here is tremendous,” Dongmo Nguela added. “Mobile, as a medium, is able to capture customers and actively move them down the purchase funnel. Adding brains to the brawn will result in compelling ROI and, most importantly, more money in the pockets of automotive retailers.”

As in other industries, the information derived from big data, when applied in real time to mobile advertising campaigns, is expected to dramatically increase the efficiency of each dollar spent. This translates into an increase in dealer Return On Investment (ROI) and Call to Action activity – increasing dealership awareness, reach, and ultimately leads and cars sold.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with these two mobile advertising big data experts, and expect nothing less than groundbreaking results over the next few months,” Possumato said. “We look forward to offering this real time, in depth analysis to our current and future dealer clients, who want to be on the winning edge of this new, high potential sales advertising medium.”