CARMEL, Ind. — To make a challenging audit process easier, NextGear Capital plans to introduce a self-reconciliation tool that will save dealers time and provides them with greater control over their vehicle audits. Combined with other recent audit process improvements, dealers will be able to experience up to 80% fewer audit-related interruptions and have the ability to reconcile units seamlessly from their devices, according to the announcement.

Users will “take charge” of their audits through a simple, three-step process via NextGear Capital’s Account Portal. After logging in, dealers select a vehicle, take four photos, then submit them to clear outstanding audits in real-time. Overall, this significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to resolve audits and allows dealers to avoid floor planning delays, said Randy Dohse, NextGear’s senior vice president of operations

“After hearing dealer opinions on the audit process from our annual client survey, we were determined to make streamlining the entire auditing experience one of our top priorities,” Dohse said. “We wanted to build more trust with dealers through increased transparency and simplify the overall experience to return time back to them so that they can focus on their business. Improving customer experience and addressing customer feedback with effective solutions are critical components for any business.”

Executives said dealer feedback was crucial in determining where improvements to the auditing process could be made. After conducting a comprehensive survey to gauge dealer feedback, results showed that the audit process was one of the more time-consuming tasks of daily floorplan management. These results inspired NextGear Capital to further improve the auditing experience for dealers everywhere.

“None of us love the audit process. So I was very straightforward with our account rep and actually they had one of the regional guys fly in to talk to us about what we were feeling and what we were experiencing, and why that was such an issue for us,” said Heather Moreno, owner of Lightning Motorsports in Grand Prairie, Texas. “They listened, they made changes, they’ve streamlined the audit process, they’ve worked with the auditors, and I have found NextGear Capital to be incredibly responsive.”