FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Vision Dealer Solutions announced the release of VisionTouch, a wireless, mobile, “100% touch” menu designed to digitize the entire deal jacket. Dealers can run the system on any desktop or tablet, and VisionTouch also comes standard with the VisionMenu Classic option and the Remote F&I option, all according to the announcement.

The company’s president, Ron Martin, said VisionTouch gives F&I professionals the ability to build their own sales presentation, including tools for video, photos, and brochures, and work with customers to electronically rate and contract the provider products, review the deal and the products, “touch” any product to add or delete with payment accuracy, then electronically sign the documents.

“VisionTouch gives the person handling the F&I transaction a tool to present products and esign documents no matter whether the customer is at the dealership or a remote location,” Martin said. “It is equipped to sign any laser form using our patent-pending vSignature technology. When we started VisionMenu 15 years ago, the ultimate goal was to take the process of F&I paperless. I am happy to say we have the technology to do that today.”