ATLANTA — Manheim now offers Lane Alerts, a new feature designed to allow buyers to receive a text message in advance of a vehicle they’re interested in coming up for sale. In the six months since Lane Alerts launched, over 33,000 vehicles have sold to a client who set up a Lane Alert and received a message, according to the company.

“The adage, ‘You can’t be everywhere all the time’ is never truer than during a busy auction sale day when it is critical that a buyer be in the right lane to bid on the cars they need most,” said Zach Hallowell, vice president, Manheim Digital Marketplace and RMS Automotive. “Lane Alerts is another example of how Manheim is ‘meeting our clients where they want to be’ by augmenting the auction experience with technology in order to making doing business with us easier and faster.”

Dealers can sign up for Lane Alerts through their dealer profile at or directly from vehicle detail pages or search results pages on, according to the provider.