IRVINE, Calif. — Gart Sutton & Associates Inc. (GSA) announced it has added more than 270 Assurant 20 Club member dealerships to its operations.

This opportunity for GSA to expand came about as Assurant Solutions decided to concentrate on its core business of underwriting vehicle service contracts and related finance and insurance products. Assurant closed its
Denver office on May 29, and transferred the Assurant 20 Club business to GSA on June 1.

“Over the past year, we have developed a solid working relationship with GSA, one of the premier 20-club and training resources in the powersports industry,” explained Jimmy Atkinson Assurant senior vice president of vehicle service contracts. “In line with our increased focus on the vehicle service contract space, we have decided to exit the 20-club business.”

“We have learned that nothing can enhance personal growth like the powerful interaction and exchange of knowledge that is generated within a 20 Club group,” said GSA principal Gart Sutton. “Multiply that exchange of knowledge nearly 400 times, and the sky is the limit when it comes to finding solid solutions and improving dealer profitability!”

“We are looking forward to helping the newly expanded Best Operators Club not only survive in these tough economic times, but to thrive,” said Sutton. “Finding your edge in today's competitive retailing market requires a street-smart approach. We provide the tools, skills and knowledge that 20-club dealers need today.”

For more information regarding Best Operators Clubs or GSA, contact Steve Jones, GSA general manager, at (208) 922-5995 or [email protected].