POWAY, Calif. — First Advantage, a global risk mitigation and business solutions provider, and a wholly owned subsidiary of The First American Corporation, today announced the integration of its employment screening and background verification solutions with the DealerTrack Dealer Management System (DMS).

Under the new agreement, First Advantage will deliver a suite of comprehensive pre- and post-employment screening solutions that will help ensure the staffing integrity of participating U.S. automotive dealerships by helping them make informed and confident staffing decisions.

“We’re pleased to offer our DealerTrack DMS customers an effective, integrated solution for hiring and workforce screening,” said Todd Mavis, executive vice president of operations for First Advantage. “Participating dealers can now access an even broader range of information solutions through First Advantage, giving dealers a distinct hiring advantage in an increasingly competitive industry.”

Employment screening solutions are designed for regular, contingent and contract employees. Each product option delivers a specialty search-based, on-job function and includes:

• Valet Package: For personnel who do not have access to company funds

• Mechanic Package: For non-management service and parts personnel who have access to sensitive data and company funds

• Sales Package: For non-management sales personnel who have access to sensitive data and company funds

• Finance/Manager Package: For management personnel who have access to sensitive consumer data and company funds

“We are pleased to offer these state-of-the-art employment screening solutions from First Advantage — conveniently integrated, at no extra cost, within the Payroll and Personnel Management application of the DealerTrack DMS,” said Rich Holland, vice president and general manager of DealerTrack DMS. “Our customers can leverage these tools to help them hire and retain the most qualified, competent employees.”

First Advantage’s complete range of industry-leading employment screening solutions includes federal, state and county criminal searches, federal and state civil searches, motor vehicle records, and employment and education verifications.