DEARBORN, Mich. — FordDirect, a joint marketing services venture between Ford Motor Company and its franchised dealers, has launched a new database marketing service for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers.

The automated program, called Targeted Marketing, is specifically designed and customized to help Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers market to their customers. It is being offered to Ford dealers for $599 per month.

“Targeted Marketing is driving phenomenal results for dealers,” said Leo Hillock, OCE/ EVP of FordDirect. “On average, dealers utilizing this service are generating 10 additional vehicle sales while also earning $47,364 in service revenue per month with an average repair order of $220.”

FordDirect selected OneCommand to provide the technology behind Targeted Marketing, which includes voice messaging, email, personal web pages for consumers (PURLs) and data appends.

“Targeted Marketing helps us showcase our dealership specials to our customers on a monthly basis and increase profit by sending target-specific emails,” said Michael Mamic, general manager at Santa Margarita Ford, Rancho, Santa Margarita, Calif. “In these challenging marketing conditions, we are always looking for unique ways to build loyalty and increase traffic, and Targeted Marketing has helped us do that.”