WALTHAM, Mass. — DealerRater announced new enhancements for its DealerRater Push product and MyReviews pages.

The new DealerRater Push update is designed to help dealers build positive review counts and balance their review mix across third-party review sites, while the company’s updated MyReviews pages will allow dealers to better promote employee-specific reviews. Other new elements include YouTube videos, as well as a contact form for consumers to connect with dealer employees.

“We work diligently to provide certified dealers with a comprehensive tool kit for expertly managing and leverage their online reputation,” said Chip Grueter, president at DealerRater. “These latest enhancements to our certification program are the first of many exciting changes planned for 2012.”

The DealerRater Push feature has been expanded to include four more review websites in addition to Google Places. This will allow dealers to configure and push consumer reviewers to sites like Yelp, CitySearch, Insider Pages and Edmunds. The new features also will prompt reviewers to share their comments on review sites selected by the dealer.

“Our Certified Dealer partners have been very successful in soliciting satisfied sales and service customers to write online reviews on DealerRater,” said Grueter. “With the expansion of DealerRater Push, Certified Dealers will build positive online reviews and have the ability to rotate and balance where they send consumer reviews to over time, with the end goal of helping them to balance their reviews across the major third-party review web sites.”

The following is a list of new features added to DealerRater's MyReviews pages:

• YouTube video uploads: Employees will be able to upload a promotional video that can be displayed on the dealer’s employee review page on DealerRater.

• Inventory listings: The dealer’s cars-for-sale-listing has been added to the employee review page to complement the existing listing on the dealer review page.

• Consumer contact form: Consumers are able to post a simple message on a contact form that is emailed to the individual employee and/or copied to other dealer staff.

• Streamlined, consumer-driven employee tagging process: When posting a review of a certified dealer, consumers are now prompted to select the name of the employee their reviewing, eliminating the need to for dealers to “tag” their individual reviews to specific dealer employees.