ARLINTON HEIGHTS, Ill. —Through a new partnership with United Development Systems, American Auto Guardian Inc. has launched a new Performance Services department that will provide training and income development help to its network of dealer clients and agents.

This department will stage two-day agent certification workshops throughout the year, as well as three F&I Certification Training workshops — the latter of which will be held at AAGI’s Arlington Heights, Ill., offices. 

The F&I Certification Training track will take place over five days and will be taught by UDS staff members. The program will include a focus on presentation skills and techniques, lender relations and advanced management skills. Participants will also engage in roleplaying.

“We are pleased to be able to present the program as part of our services to our agent and dealer base,” said Jeff Teuscher, vice president of sales and head of AAGI’s new Performance Services department. “Our responsibility is not strictly to administer contracts, but to assist our client base with gaining the tools necessary for success.”

For more information, e-mail Susan Buchholz at [email protected].