FORT MYERS, Fla. Google has released a white paper that details Asbury Automotive Group's online search marketing success with Haystak Digital Marketing, the automotive digital marketing firm announced today. 

The white paper, "Online budget optimization produces 10k conversions per month for Asbury Automotive Group," discusses how the nation's sixth largest auto dealer group, with over 79 dealerships, dramatically increased online lead conversions and deep links through revising its Google AdWords strategy. 

In 2011 Asbury Automotive Group reevaluated its marketing strategy with Haystak Digital Marketing and shifted an additional 30 percent of its marketing budget to online search advertising. As consumers increasingly rely on digital sources such as Google search for shopping information, Asbury realized that traditional advertising resources must be shifted to online advertising to reach shoppers where they now spend more time.  

As a result, Asbury Automotive Group website conversions have increased by 10,000 per month. In addition, 70 percent of search traffic is now directed to deep-linked pages, which bypass a website's home page and take shoppers directly to the content they seek within the site. Overall, deep links generate higher conversion rates from website traffic because they make it faster and easier for shoppers find the information they seek.   

“With Google AdWords, we know exactly what’s working. Curveballs get thrown in all the time, and we always have to refine how we do business and how we present ourselves to our customers,” said Bob Murray,  Asbury’s director of operational marketing. “With AdWords, we can do that, and do it quickly.”      

Click here to download a free copy of Google's white paper.