CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Toss the grease pens, markers, die-cut decals and paper hang tags, because AULtec Inc., a technology provider, has introduced a new app that can create customized, automated windshield marketing.

Called “Hang Tags+,” this next-generation windshield-marketing tool takes advantage of scannable QR codes and SMS Short codes. Dealers can print them in-house from any existing printer or use AULtec’s graphic arts services for larger sizes and formats.

“Hang Tags+ creates a more positive first impression of every vehicle on the dealership lot,” the company’s press release stated. “They attract more eyeballs and are significantly easier to create and apply than old-technology windshield promotion stickers and markings.”

Dealer can print the vehicle tags in minutes, according to the company, and can complement vehicle descriptions with coupons, incentives, and calls to actions. The labels are easy to read and can be used to promote monthly payment and down payment, or can be used to cross-sell extended warranties and other F&I products.

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