NORCROSS, Ga. — PassKey Corp announced today that all Motor Club services for the PassKey Guaranteed Key Replacement (GKR) program are transitioning to the Vehicle Administrative Services (VAS)’ SafeRide Motor Club.

The transition of these services to VAS/SafeRide will allow PassKey to maintain its roadside assistance services for all of its programs, while VAS will assume the administration of all key replacement claims on business written after the transition date. 

Additionally, VAS will provide emergency roadside assistance and motor club licensing services to PassKey. In conjunction with this transfer, PassKey's and SafeRide's GKR loss provisions will be fully insured by Zurich, an “A+”-rated carrier.

The companies also announced that coverage has been upgraded to have one limit of liability for the key replacement coverage at $750, regardless of vehicle class. Previous coverage allowed for $400 on Class 1, which is now $750 and $750 on Class 2, which was unchanged. Benefits that remain unchanged include: $200 additional coverage for the other keys on the key ring; $100 tow for key loss/break; $85 lockout assistance; no limit to the number/or frequency of claims; credit card payment; rental coverage; taxi allowance; and numbered traceable key tabs.

“VAS pedigree and experience go farther than just being a good service vendor,” said William Breindel, VAS president and CEO. “As leading consultants in compliance and product development, we insure that programs are developed with all facets considered. Attention to customer satisfaction combined with our client’s economic strength creates a superior platform to deliver unique ancillary benefit products that are both compliant and financially sound. VAS is proud of our partnership with PassKey and look forward many years of continued service.”