DALLAS — EFG Companies has sold its eight-year-old SalesEDGE CRM solution to OptionSoft, which will incorporate the software suite into its product portfolio. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

SalesEDGE is a comprehensive customer retention solution that enables management teams to track all points of customer interaction to maximize conversion and build customer loyalty. Officials with EFG said the company selected OptionSoft because it was the best company to further develop the CRM.

“We have developed and grown our technology platform to the point where it needs the resources of a full-time, full-service technology company,” said John Pappanastos, president and CEO of EFG Companies. “We chose OptionSoft because of its singular focus on the automotive retail space, their strategic vision for the SalesEDGE tool, and their focus on ensuring customer satisfaction.”

OptionSoft is a SaaS company. Its mission is to provide clients with robust software solutions to help them focus on increasing sales and streamlining contracting and paperwork. In this sale, OptionSoft not only sees value in the capability of SalesEDGE, but has already developed ancillary products to augment the potential of the technology.

“The SalesEdge CRM will provide OptionSoft Technologies with a foundation to incorporate our full suite of F&I Menu, sales desk, service drive sales tool, CSI Red Alert, and our iPad/mobile technologies,” said Ken Tomaro, president of OptionSoft Technologies. “The SalesEdge CRM gives OptionSoft the opportunity to be the premier software provider for sales and marketing tools in the automotive, RV, powersports, marine dealerships and credit unions.”

For more information about this new development, contact EFG Companies at 866-790-3343. www.efgcompanies.com