SAN FRANCISCO — A new poll by Reuters and research firm Ipsos showed that interest in Facebook is fading. The survey concluded that one in three Facebook members are gradually becoming less fascinated with the site.

Gathering insight from more than 1,000 Americans, the study also revealed that 80 percent of Facebook members have never purchased products or services from the website’s ads – equating to potentially wasted money by companies and marketers.

According to the survey, users between the ages of 18 and 34 were the most active, while 29 percent of those 55-plus in age consider themselves to be regular users. Those who had spent a significant amount of time on the site are falling victim to what researchers call “Facebook fatigue,” resulting in declining Facebook time.

According to the news story issued by Reuters, Facebook declined to comment in detail on the survey, but referred to case studies of companies such as Nutella, which found that a 15 percent increase in sales was attributable to Facebook.

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