OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — NCM Associates announced the launch of 10 new dealer 20 Groups, two of which will launch in June.

According to the firm, a Kia 20 Group will launch June 14 and 15 at the NCM corporate offices. At the same time, a Western Ford 20 Group will launch in Irvine, Calif.

NCM’s newest Kia Dealer 20 Group will be moderated by Jeff Bethel. The new Western Ford Dealer 20 Group will be facilitated by Kevin Cunningham. Bethel and Cunningham are NCM Executive Conference Moderators and also serve in executive management positions at NCM Associates.

“NCM already has several Kia and Ford Dealer 20 Groups,” said Cunningham, who is also the director of 20 Group operations for NCM. “But because our Groups are comprised of non-competing dealerships, and due to the increased interest by these particular franchised dealers, we were compelled to add more groups.”

Bethel added, “Getting in on the ground floor of any NCM 20 Group is a real bonus. As charter members, the dealers attending these first meetings will shape the groups’ membership profile and by-laws; they will also define the format, location and schedule of future meetings.”

Bethel explained that once the groups have formed and conducted their inaugural meetings, new members must be voted in.

Five new groups will hold organization meetings later this summer, while three new groups were formed earlier this year: a Mega Dealer 20 Group, a Honda Dealer 20 Group, and a general franchise General Sales Manager 20 Group. The additional five upcoming Dealer 20 Groups include: Acura, Internet/BDC, Volkswagen, Chrysler, and FIAT.  Exact dates and locations of the groups’ organization meetings will be announced later this summer.

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