McLEAN, Va. — The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) introduces a fully automated online energy usage survey as part of a national effort to understand energy consumption trends among dealerships in the United States.

The data derived from the survey will aid in the development of a national ENERGY STAR energy performance scale for automobile dealerships by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).    

The newly automated survey, created in partnership with leading energy management systems provider GridNavigator, can be completed by NADA member dealerships in just one step by entering energy usage data and other key dealership information. This anonymous information will then be analyzed by EPA to develop an ENERGY STAR energy performance scale for dealerships.

Once an ENERGY STAR energy performance scale becomes available for dealerships, those that achieve a score of 75 or higher on the 1 to 100 scale may be eligible for the ENERGY STAR certification, which studies show is an important factor for consumers in the shopping process.  A majority of Americans are influenced by the ENERGY STAR label, and nearly 80 percent are likely to recommend an ENERGY STAR product to others, according to a recent report by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. 

“Dealerships across the country are on the leading edge of energy reduction initiatives, which are a win-win by helping the environment and driving down operating costs,” said NADA chairman Bill Underriner. “We believe consumers want to know about these efforts in their communities.  By streamlining the survey process for developing the ENERGY STAR certification tool, more dealerships will be able to participate and share that important accomplishment with their customers.”

Past ENERGY STAR Small Business Award winners saved an average of nearly $35,000 annually in energy bills, according to EPA. "An ENERGY STAR certification provides a financial discipline and baseline for any asset upgrade, with the added benefit of improved property value," said Al Cabrini, CEO of GridNavigator.

Energy reduction for dealerships may include such steps as investing in cost-cutting heating and cooling systems, using more efficient lighting and working smarter, among other examples.

NADA members were emailed a unique user name and password to access the newly automated energy usage survey at All surveys must be completed by July 6 to be eligible for ENERGY STAR certification.