ATLANTA — Automotive trainer and F&I and Showroom columnist Jim Ziegler has released his speaker list for his 10th Internet Battle Plan conference, scheduled for July 17-18 at the Tropicana Resort & Casino.

Joining the celebrated trainer will be speakers Criss Castle, Kevin Bookbinder, Volker Jaeckel, George Nenni, Dave Page, Edward Parkinson, Bill Parlaman, Paul Potratz, Myril Shaw, Andrew Myers and Rachel Haro. They will provide attendees with word- tracks, strategies and real-life examples of sales and marketing techniques successfully employed by dealers.

Jim Ziegler's session will focus on maximizing social media efforts. Ziegler will share his insights on how dealers can actually sell cars and trucks using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Castle, sales operations and marketing director at the Leader Auto Group in Long Island City, NY., will focus on how to grow a high-volume, high-profit Internet dealership utilizing widely available and easy-to-use technology.

Bookbinder, dealer evangelist at CarWoo!, will offer his more than a decade of automotive experience, having managed Internet, sales and finance departments at import, domestic and highline dealerships. His session, which he will lead with colleague Bookbinder, will focus on the traditional techniques of selling cars and will demonstrate that what worked in 2000 on the lot will also work in 2012 on the Internet.

Jaeckel, digital marketing ambassador for Cobalt Dealer Services, will focus on the shopping journeys of three "average" automotive shoppers, examining the paths they followed and how they were influenced along the way.

Nenni, vice president of operations for Dominion Dealer Solutions, will present, "The Power of Pinterest — The Newest Powerhouse Social Medium." He will walk attendees through a step-by-step process for measuring results when using the social media network.

Page, part owner and director of Dealer eProcess, will present, "Exploding Website Conversion: An Insiders Road Map to Benchmarking & Converting 50% of Website Visitors to Leads." In this presentation, he will get inside the numbers and statistics on what is actually working online.

Parkinson, vice president of sales for Contact At Once!, will present, "Readying Your Dealership for the Real-Time Customer.” The session will focus on how dealers can prepare their dealerships to connect with today’s mobile customers in real time via text and chat.

Parlaman, digital marketing director for Stream Companies, will focus his presentation on Google and how dealers can make sure their stores are found online.

Potratz, COO of Potratz Advertising, will focus his session on retargeting strategies to help dealers stay in front of potential customers after they leave their websites.

Myers, co-founder of What's Next Media, will lead a session on how dealers can create better videos for their dealerships. The fast-paced and content-rich workshop will provide attendees with usable information and live examples of effective digital marketing techniques.

Haro, co-founder and partner at Mouthful Social Media, will lead a session on how to use Influencers to create an online chamber of commerce. She will show attendees how to social "network" instead of social "post."

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