Joel Ewanick resigned from his post as General Motors’ global chief marketing officer on Sunday after two years with the company.

Ewanick, 52, joined the company in May 2010 to head the marketing team for GM’s North America unit. In December of that year, he was named global chief marketing officer.

Citing a source familiar with the executive’s departure, <em>Bloomberg</em> reported that GM requested Ewanick resign following review of a sponsorship agreement that failed to meet company policies.

Ewanick recently became the target of public scrutiny for pulling GM’s $10 million advertising budget from Facebook. Greg Martin, GM spokesman, said Ewanick’s departure was not related to that decision.

 “It had nothing to do with pulling ads from Facebook,” Martin said in an e-mail. “Rather, Mr. Ewanick failed to meet the expectations the company has of its employees.”

In a Twitter post Sunday, Ewanick wrote: “It has been a privilege & honor to work with the GM Team and to be a small part of Detroit’s turnaround. I wish everyone at GM all the best.”

GM issued a statement announcing that Alan Batey, vice president of U.S. sales and service, will assume the role of global chief marketing officer on an interim basis.