LAS VEGAS — Leasing and F&I in the Internet age will take center stage at Industry Summit 2012, as two of the industry’s top trainers tackle these top-of-mind topics. A third top trainer will also reveal the true measurement of F&I success.

This year’s Industry Summit 2012 will be held Sept. 10-12 at the Paris Las Vegas, where the industry’s top F&I trainers will converge to lead more than 20 educational workshops and panels. Addressing leasing will be United Development Systems (UDS)’s Gerry Gould, while Reahard and Associates’ Ron Reahard will tackle F&I in the Internet age. Team One Research and Training’s George Angus will also take to the stage to reveal the measurement top producers use to measure, identify and isolate specific areas of F&I performance.

“I’m very proud of our 2012 program, and I’m equally proud to say that we’ve once again attracted the best F&I trainers in the business,” said Gregory Arroyo, editor of <em>F&I and Showroom</em> magazine. “This is the only event dedicated to the F&I office, and it represents a chance for dealers to get their producers trained by the best trainers in our industry.”

Gould, the man behind F&I and Showroom’s F&I Tip of the Week, will present “Rethinking Leasing: Turning Lease Customers into F&I Buyers.” Leasing has been a good thing for vehicle sales, but it has challenged some regions of the country where leasing all but disappeared during the credit crisis four years ago. Any by all accounts, leasing isn’t going away.

Attendees of Gould’s session, scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 11 a.m., will learn how to embrace leasing as a sustainable profit center. He will run through how leasing works, and how it can be used as a cash-conversion tool. He will also offer techniques for selling product on this transaction type.

Reahard, president of Reahard and Associates Inc., will then present “Make the Internet Your Ally” the same day at 3 p.m. He will show attendees how the Internet can be used to provide third-party credibility when making a menu presentation. He will also show F&I managers how to source the Internet to help their customers make informed decisions.

Then, at 4 p.m., Angus, called the “Father of F&I Menus,” will present “What’s Your PPR?” While most F&I managers tout their profit per retail unit, Angus believes there’s a better way to measure F&I performance. He will reveal how the measurement can be used to identify areas of opportunity, as well as the secrets, techniques and strategies employed by top-performing F&I departments.

Industry Summit 2012 will feature multiple conferences in one, including the F&I Conference and Auto Dealer Monthly’s Subprime Conference and CRM Convention. For more information, click here.