FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — AutoUSA Internet Sales Solutions introduced Payment ProSM. Powered by DriveItNow, the news payment-based conversion tool for auto dealer websites is a service designed to provide online shoppers with instant car loan payments based on individual credit and inventory eligibility.

With Payment ProSM, consumers click on a button showing real payments on any vehicle listing on a dealer’s website. A form appears that the shopper fills out, but no social security number or birth date is required. Based on the individual’s entered criteria, the system determines their credit eligibility without impacting the consumer’s credit score. It then instantly displays personalized monthly payment options, and delivers the dealer a dramatically-enhanced lead.

“Payment ProSM is good for the dealer because it shifts the shopper’s focus from what the lowest price is to what they can afford every month,” said Phil DuPree, president of AutoUSA. “The leads generated from these inquiries open the door for immediate engagement and more seamless negotiations.”

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