ORWIGSBURG, Pa. — Preferred Warranties Inc. (PWI) has signed up to offer the iTapMenu to its dealer clients. The mobile F&I menu is designed to allow F&I managers to compare protection plans, financing options and other offerings with their customers from anywhere on the dealership’s lot.

The iTapMenu also provides real-time reporting capabilities that enable managers to track sales and access a range of sales reports. The selling tool is downloaded from the Indianapolis-based iTapMenu, which worked with PWI to tailor the tool to Preferred Warranties’ products and dealerships.

“It’s a better way to communicate with the customer, a hands-on tool for the future that keeps us one step ahead of the competition,” said Luke Kreider, manager of Pennsylvania’s Manheim Imports.

Preferred Warranties became the latest company to sign up to offer the iTapMenu. In August, ChannelNet, a 27-year-old firm that provides automotive brands and dealers with new consumer-facing technology. The Detroit-based company said it would begin offering the iTapMenu to its OEM customers. Officials with Preferred Warranties said the company will target pre-owned dealers.

“iTapMenu is a powerful new asset in our full marketing plan for our dealers,” said Wayne Herring, Jr., Preferred Warranties’ national sales manager. “It makes it easy for them to walk the customer through the F&I menu and VSC (vehicle service contract) options for each vehicle.”

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