HOUSTON, Texas — OnlineDrive, owner of ShowroomMagnet, an incentive-based marketing solution, released RemarketingMagnet, a new marketing and lead-conversion tool designed to drive returning website visitors into the showroom.

The new solution takes advantage of ShowroomMagnet’s patented rules-based behavior targeting engine, which tracks user behavior on each website before making dynamic remarketing offers to online shoppers. These targeted offers can be presented to each customer in real-time as they surf the web, and can include ShowroomMagnet’s electronic gift card program.

“Here’s basically how it works,” Bruce said. “An online shopper visits a website like Edmunds.com or AutoTrader.com, looks for a Toyota Tundra for more than two minutes, and then leaves the site without converting into a lead. RemarketingMagnet would target that site visitor with remarketing banner ads as the visitor continues to surf the web, enticing the visitor to return to the automotive site and sign up for a special Toyota Tundra-related offer to test drive,” Larry Bruce, OnlineDrive president and CEO.

OnlineDrive is scheduled to finish its RemarketingMagnet beta test program on Oct. 1. The product will debut, along with several other new products and technologies in late October.