DALLAS — Automotive marketing company MyStar has extended the capabilities of its MyStar Personal Assistant. It believes the six-year-old service can be used to increase product penetrations in the F&I office.

MyStar has been providing dealers with branded marketing and loyalty programs that provide car buyers with a 24-hour personal assistant. Subscribing dealers offer the service with every vehicle sold, and now MyStar is training dealers on how to use it to sell F&I products.

“The MyStar service has always been a powerful incentive that helps sell cars,” explained MyStar President Ken Ferguson. “Recently, we realized that the value of our service could also extend beyond just the showroom. So we developed new selling techniques to show dealerships how they can upsell F&I products by using our personal assistant service.”

New-car owners can contact the personal assistant service by cell phone, e-mail or text at any time to get answers or help. When they dial MyStar's toll-free number from their cell phone, an assistant welcomes them by name and delivers the dealership's customized greeting.

With MyStar’s new F&I program, the finance manager can immediately activate and demonstrate the customers’ complimentary personal assistant service as they enter the F&I office. Receiving the service creates a very positive first impression that builds customer rapport faster, so the manager can spend more time selling. The service also adds immediate perceived value so it fosters confidence in all the new-car owner’s purchase decisions.