HOUSTON, Texas  — CAR-Research XRM, a single-source CRM solution, today announced the launch of CAR-DealFinder. The new Internet shopping monitoring program for auto dealers is CRM agnostic, integrates seamlessly with any CRM and monitors the dealers’ customer database for in-market buyers.

Using Internet shopping behavior technology, CAR-DealFinder finds those dealership prospects that are currently shopping on automotive websites and notifies the dealership of any activity through its Internet lead management tool.

According to CAR-Research XRM President and COO Patrick Kelly, CAR-DealFinder effectively protects the dealership from losing its owner base to the competition. “Industry statistics show that up to 2 percent of a dealer’s database in in-market shopping every month and that repeat buyers close at a rate as high as 60 percent,” he said. “The fact is that dealers do have customers who are in-market for a new vehicle this month and every month — but they don’t contact the dealership. CAR-DealFinder can find them for the dealership.”