AUSTIN, Texas — Fresh off of its national training tour, Innovative Aftermarket Systems (IAS), a provider of F&I aftermarket programs, unveiled Trade Assurance Plus (TAP). Officials said the new product will be ready for dealership implementation on Nov. 1.

Trade Assurance Plus protects consumers against negative equity when they trade in their vehicle. The program offers up to $5,000 of negative equity protection on most vehicles up to $50,000 MSRP. Other restrictions may apply. 

“The one constant in the car business is change. This makes Trade Assurance Plus an absolute home run for our agents and dealers since it shortens the trade cycle, reduces or eliminates negative equity at time of trade, and encourages the consumer to return to the original selling dealers or dealer group,” said Bob Corbin, president and CEO of IAS. “Plus, the program enables IAS agents to penetrate dealership doors that they otherwise may not have been able to open, and provide those dealerships with a solid finance product to either add to the menu or give away at time of sale.”

Other benefits of the program include a solid retention program for dealerships, as TAP customers receive their negative equity protection only when purchasing another vehicle at the issuing dealer.

The program also allows dealers to target customers with customized communications every six months throughout the lifecycle of the TAP program via email or text. This high level engagement is a built-in component of the program and available to dealers at no additional charge.

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